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August 28, 2013
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HMLS Jedrek Zielinski by SilverdragonAmai HMLS Jedrek Zielinski by SilverdragonAmai
I made the Magus Application for :iconhmls:
If you want to RP with my character. please feel free to contact me by using Note, DA Chat, or yahoo. But not Skype. I won't have Skype until later on.

There are times when I just want to have photoshop. So, Thank you :icontakarayume: for the help with the writing part of the application. i love you!! You're awesome!!:glomp:

It's a bit rough, but there was little time to do this, sorry about that.

Name: Jedrek Zielinski
Nickname: Jed-Zee

Age: 30 (looks 20 or younger)
Gender: Male
Weight: 52 Kg
Height: 172cm
Tattoo Placement - Under the wrist (tries to hide it anyway possible)

Base Area: Poland
Employment: The Gifter/Con Artist

Ability Element: Telepathy - he can use his mind to do anything and I mean anything. He can also feel vibes and auras around him.  If he feels a bad vibe/aura he begins to have sharp stabbing pains in his chest (the closer the evil, the more pain he feels), but he can handle it.
Weapon - titanium alloy chains that connects to a gold plated belt that he wears on his pants

The truth is, Jedrek is actually a girl but raised as a boy by her father. Not that he wanted a boy. This was for protection reasons. On the contrary to who she is, she knows how to act lady-like when occasion calls for it, but keeps her gender a secret and prefers to state that she is a male, since she was brought up the way. Only those who are close to her know her true gender. Her father buried her secret tattoo and at the same time about their past (he never brings up about Jed's mom. Too painful.*another buried secret*). He taught her everything he knew about how to use telepathy and weapons. They always would go to a secret place that was away from everyone and the entire town just to teach her the magic and told her she was a special person and that no matter what everyone says or does against you through their fears, never be ashamed of who you are in this world. He looked out for his only child for as long as he could since he was a magus himself but was later killed in a crossfire leaving her behind alone and nowhere to go. Since then Jedrek took advice to heart from him everywhere she went she even quotes him as well to herself when things went wrong. But still remained her secret for as long as she lived. If you are wondering how he kept his looks, well it's in his genes. But when she needs cosmetics, she uses them for dress up days.

Her quote of her father's:
“No matter what everyone else says based on their fears and what they don‘t understand, never be ashamed of who you are in this world.”

Of course she doesn’t say this until after things got out of hand for her, realizes that she needed to have a purpose in life. That was when she took her father’s advices seriously.

This was what went wrong:
Her last assignment, as a being the gifter in the gang she knew for 12yrs, was when she and other members went to a ball party to close a deal with a hitchman CEO. Of course she had to dress the part and went the whole 9 yards, dressing in a completely expensive dress/gown, a requirment for the party; to even possessing the upper-class manners. She looked and acted the part during her assignments, always. Her specific job was to close the deal with the treasure stolen from a high secured museum in exchange for the key to the money in a safety deposit box in an off-shore account. But something had went wrong, her girlish charms finally got the best of her and the billionaire tried to attack her. Quickly, one of her conmen members, the leader (her BF), came to help her when he heard her through the small wired mic that she was wearing. But he came in as she killed the very man who was a well-known CEO, by the force of her telepathy, making his brain explode inside his skull.  He bled out of his ears, eyes and nose which left him for dead on the floor in his Suite. Her BF came in and was shocked by the sight of  the dead lifeless body laying on the floor. He gazed toward Jed, who was still tramatized by what she had done, and then his eyes followed towards her glowing tattoo on her wrist.  This was how he found out about her tattoo that she had been hiding all of those years from everyone claiming it to be a normal regular tattoo.  Exposed, ashamed and now scared for her life, Jedrek fled fearing that he would now kill her, since he never trusted magus and almost hated them for their reputation. Her way to flee and hide for as long as she could she faked her death, changed herself alittle more by cutting and dying her hair back to her natural color. She changed back to her old clothers and came back home to Poland where she grew up and went to the place where her and her father used to practice their magic together.

It takes him a while to get to know someone til he feels he can open up. but being telepathic it won't take that long at all.  Once you get to know Jed he is:
smart, witty, charming, kind-hearted, aggressive, opportunist, conversational, energetic, plays mind tricks on others when feeling playful; but Knows when to be serious; can dress up in anything and play different roles( this goes along with being a conartist. It's fun too!) Thinks alot, so that means he doesn't really sleep that well and when he does he will crash for the rest of the day; manipulates to get what he wants; loves to be around other people; but likes to have some alone time; misses her father at times; patient, cool-tempered, but don't annoy or piss him/her off, most likely she will push you off of the bed or off the couch or just become angry and just fight you (but doesn't throw the first punch ever); observant, loves to play games (anykind), doesn't talk about his past.
Healthy Food mostly, and on an occasion...junk food, interesting people (hyper, quarky...They keep him entertained) music, nature,

anything adible that is soggy, furry, rubbery and too sweet or too bitter; closed-in-spaces; annoying string

currently single, but isn't looking right now due to the last recent Incident. On the other hand, would love to meet other people/Magus like her. She has met some people...just go to journal to read.

On the other hand just pair her up with someone, she'll give in eventually.

Don't ask about his mother...he doesn't know. His father never told him even when jed asked.

***FYI ****
Anytime I use the pronouns he or she, it will depend on Jedrek's personality or state of being/personal at the moment.
For example:
When spoken about Jed's Father I will use "she" because at the moment she's emotional. Or when she is alone.
When filling out applications or any type of papers or introducing Jedrek to other bby's I will use "he" and He will be male.

Once again I re-edited due to the fact that I realized that I yet again forgot somethings to mention and I had to fix the part about the make-up and her looks, because I later realized how it sounded. I messed up on that part.
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Derpina-kun Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
OMG its a girl??? shiiiiiiiit now I love ur OC even moar!!! ung I jus hv a weakness fr cool looking female chars  :iconhandspazzplz:
SilverdragonAmai Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Haha, surprise! ^7^  He is a girl. ^o^


Thanks. ^^

DoritoNacho Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like his hair--- WOAHWOAWHOAWHAH HE'S A SHE?!
TRAAAAAP asjnas //shot

What an interesting character :iconheplz:
I hope we could RP sometime~
SilverdragonAmai Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yea, I wonder if the other characters will ever find out. HAha.

Sure we can RP.^^ Well since everyone is there, why not the 2nd Mass RP journal. We can start there.^^
DoritoNacho Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, okay then~ xD
SilverdragonAmai Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha!! You know, Now that I think about it, how are we to start. Your character screams alot and mine is trying to get away from all of the voices not to mention all of their thoughts too.
DoritoNacho Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I-I don't know either-- :iconpapmingplz:
Maybe they both end up somewhere quiet or something? :'D
Ireallydon'tknow OTL
SilverdragonAmai Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
maybe, hopefully.

I wonder if yours is at the pool area the same time as mine. but yours in being so freakin' anti-social.LOLXDD
DoritoNacho Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOLOL Don't worry, he's not really anti-social He just pretends to be xD
SilverdragonAmai Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just read the next bby just snapped at yours.

I'm so sorry about that.:iconsorryplz:XDDDDD:iconforgivemeplz:
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